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Italian photographer Paolo Stuppazzoni’s Personal Photography Exhibition is online at FPC Virtual Gallery.

The exhibition will be open to visitors between March 18 and April 18, 2024.. You can go to the exhibition by clicking here.

You can open an exhibition in the FPC Virtual Gallery. You can click here to get detailed information and contact us through our communication channels.

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Paolo Stuppazzoni / Italy

Photographing curriculum of Paolo Stuppazzoni – A.F.I./FOUR Stars – EFIAP/B – EFIAF/B –

I was born in bologna on 01/ 08/1960,

Around 1980, i began to be interested in photography, then with time to participate in the first national competitions

Of photography, participating in the first fiaf national competitions in 1990.

I had the pleasure of having photographic satisfaction and true recognition, always with the main purpose of

Photographer giving priority to reportage, street photography , and especially contact with people in general.

I photographed in the most important theaters of modena and province and emilia R., crowning a dream

To dedicate myself to the photography of the scene, always my greatest desire.

I photographed in the most famous theatres of emilia , like pavarotti of modena – the storchi of modena – theatre

I have photographed as official photographer numerous shows of italian companies of great prestige in the field

Classical ucraina ballet 2022 official photographer for italy – following the company’s tour in italy

Winner of the year 2022 of the prestigious award ovidio – delivered by the academy sulmonese.