Fotogram Photo Club

President of Fotogram Photo Club (FPC)

AFIAP, QPSA, HIUP, Hon.ASAP, Hon.FSAP, Hon.FCPA, Hon.F.Nobel/Platinium, Hon.VEDIC, Hon.WPAI,

He started photography in 1988, working in his neighbor’s studio. After his retirement in 2013, he focused on his photography career.

He improved himself by attending trainings such as advanced photography, photo processing techniques and lighting. He completed Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration in 2013 and Anadolu University Photography and Videography education in 2017.

He worked as a photography instructor at Edremit Photography and Cinema Art Association (EDFOD) and Public Education Centers, of which he was the founder.

He received awards and exhibitions in many competitions at home and abroad. She made personal photo shows. She participated in many personal and group exhibitions. She served as a jury member in national and international photography competitions.

His photographs were exhibited in many countries of the world and his photographs were included in catalogs.

As a result of awards and acceptances won in International Competitions;

  • HIUP (Honorable IUP)   by INTERNATIONAL OF UNION OF PHOTOGRAPERS (IUP), headquartered in China ,
  • QPSA (QUALIFIED)  by THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA (PSA), headquartered in the United States of America ,
  • AFIAP (Artist FIAP)  by the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), headquartered in France

As a result of my contributions to art photography;

  • Hon.Associate of SAP (ASAP), by Sigma Academy Of Photography (SAP), headquartered in India ,
  • “Hon.FCPA (Honorary Membership)” by Association Foto Club Pro Arad operating in Romania ,
  • Hon.Fellow of SAP (FSAP) by Sigma Academy Of Photography (SAP) headquartered in India  ,
  • Honorary F. Nobel/Platinum by the Nobel Fellowship based in India ,
  • “HON.VEDIC” by GNG CLUB INDIA operating in India  ,
  • WPAI International Honorary Wildlife Photography Association of India, headquartered in India, awarded the title “ Hon. WPAI”,
  •   Honorary award and “Hon.GMPIPC” from Pharaohs International Photographic Club (PIPC) operating in Egypt
  • “FRPA.GNG” by GNG CLUB INDIA operating in India ,
  • “Hon.MPMP” by PMP SALON CLUB INDIA  operating in India ,
  • Best Exhibitor International Photography Award 2023 (BEASAP) by Sigma Academy Of Photography (SAP) headquartered in India ,
  • “Certificate Of Excellence” by Tunisia “Le Photographe Agency”
was given the title.
  • He was appointed as Turkey representative by Tunisia “Le Photographe Agency” and was also awarded with a Certificate of Honor .
  • He was given “Honorary Membership” by GPU Cooperative Club Tunisia, headquartered in Tunisia .
  • It was awarded with the “ROYAL GRAND MASTER GNG FOLLOWSHIP” certificate of honor by GRENGO GO CLUB INDIA  , which operates in India

Şimşek is a member of the International Union of Photographers (IUP) operating in China , Asia Photographers Union (APU) operating in Singapore and Edremit Photography and Cinema Art Association (EDFOD) .

He served as a member of the Board of Auditors for the 8th term and a member of the Board of Directors for the 9th term of the Turkish Federation of Photographic Arts (TFSF) .

He was invited to the “Asia Photo Festival 2020” held between 12-24 December 2020 in Singapore and participated in the festival with his work “Olives from Field to Table” .

He was invited to the “Asia Photo Festival 2021”, which was held between 19-24 October 2021 in Singapore, and participated in the festival with his work “Camel Wrestling” .

He was invited to the “Asia Photo Festival 2022”, which was held between 12-26 December 2022 in Singapore, and he participated in the festival with his work “Torakçılar (Smoky Lives)” and his photographs were exhibited.

He participated in the “13th International Bursa Photography Festival” held between 03-05 November 2023 with his work “Olives from Field to Table” .

It organized the “1st International Havran Photography Festival” on 5-8 September 2018 and the “1st International Edremit Photography Festival” on
15-29 October 2023 .

He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Edremit Photography and Cinema Art Association (EDFOD).

He is married and has two children.