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Who’s Who in Photography

Who's Who Information

Using ALL scores from every member exhibitor in the Division, the top scoring 15% of competitors (or 150, whichever is less) is eligible for inclusion in Who’s Who in Photography.

If ALL exhibitors in a Division fall into the eligible range, only the top 3 will be eligible for the “Tops” box.

The minimum number of acceptances is a percentage of the total possible acceptances in each section for that year. The actual minimum number for each Division is listed along with exhibitors attaining at least that minimum requirement.

Additionally, when the minimum number is four or less, exhibitors having acceptances in sections with 20 or fewer judgings must have acceptances in two or more judgings.  

The most successful exhibitors during the year, based on their number of acceptances, are listed in the Top Exhibitors list for each division/section.

All FPC Members who are among the top ten (10) exhibitors in each Division receive a Who’s Who certificate.

The first, second, and third places in the Top Exhibitors list are invited to submit two images for possible inclusion in the FPC Who’s Who in Photography publication.