Fotogram Photo Club

FPC membership is open to photographers from all over the world, subject to approval by the FPC membership committee.

UPC Membership fee is $30 per year for a short time.

Life Membership is subject to terms and conditions. FPC Life Membership is $100.

All members are listed on the Member List page.

As a member of the FPC,

  • Get the FPC electronic Life Card,
  • Receive monthly emails about photography activities and updates, receive invitations to attend FPC photography events (Exhibitions, photography tours, etc.),
  • Eligible to apply for FPC Hall titles,
  • Inviting FPC members to submit works to their e-exhibitions,

Join us now and be part of the big family in FPC.

Membership form :

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Bank Account Number :

İşbank Edremit/Balıkesir Branch


IBAN : TR83 0006 4000 0012 1231 2668 02


I will pay $30 for my membership (annual)
I will pay $60 for my Life Membership (promotion)