Fotogram Photo Club

Photogram Photo Club (FPC)

Fotogram Photo Club (FPC), a club established to build bridges of friendship and popularize photography, has a strong subscriber base of many photographers from around the world.

Photographers can join the FPC as Life members. You can access FPC Life Membership details here.

The FPC has appointed country officers to several countries to complement FPC’s efforts to bridge friendships and promote goodwill in photography through various photography projects such as exhibitions, halls, photo shoots and seminars.

FPC strives to promote excellence in the art of photography, particularly through Partnership and Fellowship distinctions that recognize photographic excellence. Photographers can showcase their talents in their chosen field of photography by submitting a series of works that represent their artistic skills and photography styles.

FPC rewards achievements in international halls with FPC titles. Photographers with selected FIAP titles or PSA ROPA titles can apply for FPC titles here.

Through the advice of FPC ambassadors in various countries, the FPC seeks good talent in photography, offers them opportunities to increase their interest in the art of photography, and takes them to the next level of photographic excellence, eventually becoming the next generation of photography judges or practitioners of excellence.