Fotogram Photo Club

Photogram Photo Club (FPC)

Fotogram Photo Club (FPC), a club established to build friendship bridges and popularize photography, has a strong subscriber base consisting of many photographers from all over the world.

Photographers can join FPC by becoming members. You can access FPC Membership details here.

FPC has appointed country officers to various countries to complement FPC’s efforts to bridge friendships and promote goodwill in photography through a variety of photography projects such as exhibitions, salons, photo shoots and seminars.

FPC strives to promote excellence in the art of photography, particularly through its Affiliate and Fellowship distinctions that recognize photographic excellence. Photographers can showcase their talents in their chosen field of photography by submitting a selection of work that represents their artistic skills and photography style.

FPC rewards achievements in international arenas with FPC titles. Photographers with selected FIAP titles or PSA ROPA titles can apply for their FPC titles here.

FPC seeks out good talent in photography through recommendations from FPC ambassadors in various countries, providing them with opportunities to further their interest in the art of photography and taking them to the next level of photographic excellence, eventually becoming the next generation of photography judges. or practitioners of excellence.

FPC’s work

  • Instagram Photography Contest “STREET LIFE” – 2023
  • Participation in the 1st International Edremit Photography Festival was achieved – Türkiye/15-29 October 2023
  • “Olives from Field to Table” Özcan Şimşek  / Türkiye personal photography exhibition was held. 31 August to-31 December 2023
  • We signed a cooperation protocol with Greengo Go Club India (GNG) from India. -October 29, 2023
  • We signed a cooperation protocol with the Pharaohs International Photography Club (PIPC) from Egypt.- 4 December 2023
  • Participation in Asian Photography Festival – Singapore/12-26 December 2023
  • International Photography Exhibition “Through Life” was held – 20 December 2023 to 20 January 2024
  • Instagram Photography Contest “LANDSCAPE” – January 2024
  • We participated in the “Architectural Heritage in Jerid Photography Forum” – from Tozeur–Nefta, Tunisia- 11-14 January 2024
  • Instagram Photography Contest “ARCHITECTURE” – February 2024
  • Chandan D. Naik Gaonkar/India (Bharat) personal photography exhibition was held. 05 February to 05 March 2024
  • “Sphinx Art” Group Photography Exhibition of Pharoahs International Photography Club (PIPC)/Egypt members was held. 15-28 February 2024
  • Instagram Photography Contest “REFLECTION” – March 2024
  • Paolo Stuppazzoni  / Italy personal photography exhibition was held. 18 March to18 April 2024
  • Instagram Photography Contest “Water (Rain, Sea, Lake)” – April 2024
  • Nenad Borojevic  / Serbia personal photography exhibition was held. 12-30 April 2024
  • FPC 1st International Photography Contest-2024
  • Instagram Photography Contest “Water (Motherhood)” – May 2024
  • Instagram Photography Contest “Star Shooting” – Jun 2024
  • We were among the support partners of the “El Merhoul-2” photo event organized by LePhotographe Agency under the supervision of the Civil Governorate of Southern Tunisia in Kasr Al-Kharashfa, Tunisia, between 22-23 June 2024.
  • Participation in the 2nd International Edremit Photography Festival was achieved – Türkiye/09-22 September 2024