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Filter’s/Lense’s for better smartphone photography.
Day by day smartphone photography is popularising among most of the people. Especially who can not afford a high end cameras.
As there are filter’s for DSLR, or any cameras, now good quality filter’s are available for smartphones too.
One just have to attach the filter/lens to the clip and put on the phone lens.
Here are some important filter’s/lense’s:
1) Macro: mostly available in 10x, 12x, 24x.
this will help to get extreme close up of the subject, but one has to be very steady. Slight movement can make subject blur.
2) Wide angle lens: for a wider view.
3) Fisheye lens: for extra wide view, it will give a circular view.
4) CPL(Circular Polarizing Filter)
Very important in landscape photography, one just have to rotate it, it will make sky deeper, also reduce reflection too from metal, water.
5) warm filter’s like Yellow, Orange
good to give extra warmness.
6) ND filter (Neutral Density)
It is available in grades too, one can purposely reduce the exposure in other simple terms it makes view darker. Helpful when using slow shutter speed in pro/manual mode. You need a tripod else phone movement make image fussy.
7) GRAD ND Filter’s
also known as Graduated ND filter’s. Mostly Blue, Gray, Orange is used. Half part of the filter is in colour going towards plain. Very much useful to control over exposed sky.
8) Tele lens
as the name suggest, it helps to get a close view of far subject. Here too a sturdy tripod is must.
9) Special effect Filter’s:
They are used for creative purpose, to give a special effect to your Image’s Or video’s.
for example Star filter, Kaleidoscope filter, Split Filter, Radial filter etc.
10) Anamorphic lens:
Used to get wide size landscape, like theatre aspect ratio size screen.
Here are some of the widely used filter’s for smartphone photography.
???? Please remember, always invest in good glass by paying little extra, for better quality.
Happy Clicking.
Long live Photography ❤????
© Mr. Chandan D. Naik Gaonkar

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